Our team is always striving to develop cutting edge solutions and seeking to push boundaries in the temporary structure market.

This is apparent from the diverse range of structures that we currently offer. We’re not content to stand still and are constantly researching product innovations. Whether that’s adding previously unseen structures to our range, developing a revolutionary new flooring system or implementing best practice.

In addition, we want deliver the very highest standards of customer service and this includes advancing the way we produce drawings and visuals. We believe that the renders, videos and VR creative that we develop for our clients is unrivalled.

Innovation is at the core of everything that we do!

Examples of our innovations in addition to our unique structures and bespoke capabilities include:

  • Highly advanced scaffold system that works in conjunction with our cassette flooring and enables us to build on a multitude of gradients and surfaces
  • Weighted floor system, decking and bamboo cassette flooring
  • Seamless handrail system
  • Heavy duty flooring system
  • Stock stretch lining is both seamless and reusable
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