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Ascot provides state of the art Polygon structure for Google event

Posted by MT_ascot

Ascot Structures was contracted to provide its brand-new, state of the art Polygon structure for a Google event held at The Grove, Hertfordshire in May 2016. Google’s annual Zeitgeist event is the largest of its kind in Europe and brings together thought leaders to debate the trends that define the spirit of our time. The event was attended by a diverse group of global business leaders, representing the top tier of Fortune 500 companies, brands, media and publishing groups across Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Our client’s directives for this prestigious event were twofold; to create a high ceiling with improved acoustic function and to cover existing trees. A conventional structure would have been unable to reach the required height. However, the Polygon boasts an impressive weight-load of just under half a ton per beam, allowing the production team to install as much of the very latest in lighting and sound technology as it wished, creating a spectacular event.

Ascot’s Polygon structure is available in a wide range of sizes and configurations. For this particular project the venue was sufficient to accommodate an 18m x 45m structure with 40m being enclosed and a 5m canopy acting as an entrance porch. Ascot’s in-house team fabricated transparent roofs to make the most of The Grove’s beautiful Walled Garden.

Due to the narrow access of the listed wall surrounding the Walled Garden, large plant for lifting was never an option so the Ascot team found an alternative solution. Thus, a crane with a 70m boon was deployed, lifting and positioning each piece of the frame into place. In addition, Ascot’s cassette decking system and an integral weighted floor anchoring system, were manually carried into place.

The finished result was an aesthetic dream and showed the Walled Garden off in its best light.

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