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Ascot delivers ‘Vision’ for Goodwood Festival of Speed 2016

Posted by MT_ascot

Ascot Structures delivered a stunning, freshly fabricated structure for this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed.  With 200,000 attendees over four days, this high-profile event is renowned for attracting many of the world’s leading automotive brands. Goodwood’s production team proactively sought a new and dynamic temporary structure, to showcase the consortium of top end motorbike manufacturers.

Ascot is the only tent company in the UK to supply the newly developed Vision structure – this stunning feat of engineering comprises black framed, horizontal glass panels that create sloping walls, assembled using a unique cantilevered roof. The Vision’s main features include high ceilings, uninterrupted views and a free flow of pedestrian traffic. This year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, was the first time the Ascot Vision had been used for a public event in the UK.

The structure was required to showcase over 60 motorbikes, from the key motorbike manufacturers, at what is generally regarded as the pinnacle, motorsport exhibition. Exhibitors included: BMW, Ducati, Triumph, Kawasaki and the Piaggio Group. The organisers were looking for a facility that was completely open and allowed for the free flow of visitors from both sides.

Prior to the event, Ascot’s design arm worked closely with Goodwood Festival of Speed’s production team, to ensure that the structure met their demanding requirements. This included additional investment, to alter the structure’s configuration to suit the client’s brief, such is the versatility of the Vision.

Ascot installed a 15m x 35m structure on a 21m x 35m raised floor, constructed from Ascot’s modified Layher scaffold system, that produced a centrally located internal space of 5m x 35m, and a covered floor area totalling 15m x 35m (525sqm).

The structure was completed with two full length staircases on either side – the first measuring 35m in length, and the second 25m. Included was a 5m access ramp, to ensure it was fully DDA compliant, whilst allowing the maximum footfall through the stand.

The facility took just 3 days to build, with the scaffold grid built on the first day, the structure assembled and craned into place on the second, and glass and finishing completed on the third day.

Once the event ended, the team returned to site to dismantle the structure, and the ground was left in near perfect condition.

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